His life is like a race full of hurdles
It’s like he is in a boat with no one else but him to paddle
He is sixteen but doesn’t know how it feels to receive a cuddle
That’s why he sits in that corner everyday asking why life is so riddle.
He grew up with his mama and saw only harder times

At his age he’s never looked into his Daddy’s eyes
All his life he has lived on the question – Why?
Why is life so Hard?
Why is life so Bad?
Why is life so Sad?

But no matter how many times he asks, the answer is just that Hard
Life has always been on its bad side
90% of life, he has been – Sad.
Many are times when he wishes he were another person
Cause he doesn’t have anything to live on
Nor anyone to depend on
He just wants to meet someone to give him inspiration
So that at least he would have a Name – Not only a Nation!