I walked a lot of miles in search of your love
like the Israelites who walked in search of the
Promised land.

My mouth preached your love
that we shared when your heart was still

My eyes kept on staring at the pictures
that we took together when your eyes
were still Blinking.

My hands are still writing the stories that our hearts acted in our
journey of Love.

Even though I still think about you
To fade away the tears that my heart has been singing,
Your love will never return like a sun
when it goes to sleep behind the mountains.

Every memory that my mind is preaching is for your life to wake up
But your ears are too deaf to hear my calling.

I have been calling your name every day when I wake up
But your hands are still Asleep.

For happiness never lasts long on earth like God’s Love,
My heart now sees that happiness never walks alone
Without any Sadness.