I was all sad and lonely when he came to me

Lonely I was and he took advantage of that
He called me claiming to be God’s man and I fell for it

He looked at me in a way I couldn’t explain
When I spoke he shut me up with a kiss
I was still young I could understand

I told him I was not cool about what he was doing
And he strangled me till I felt it was my last breath
I couldn’t believe it my eyes were filled with tears
I couldn’t scream
I was in shock trying to save myself

He was just too strong for me to handle
Then I gave up he raped me
The man who claimed to be God’s man raped me
Couldn’t talk from shock I just cut myself
For me to see and handle the pain but I guess
I failed handling the pain

Spoke to someone about what happened and
I guess it was a joke to them
I ended up in a mad place because to them
I was imagining things that weren’t there

Then doctors confirmed I was raped
No one wanted me
It felt like hell

But I had to make it through but I
Will never forget the man
You killed me from that day I was never myself