I am Black
I am from Africa
I am born, bred and raised
in Africa, the Motherland
We Africans are heroes and heroines
We are Black, strong and inspiring
We Africans have been through difficulties,
slavery, torture, wars and starvation
yet we survived, we fought for our land
When the Whites wanted to take our land,
we fought till our last breath
We gained strength every day
with our bows and arrows, without guns,
inspiration led us through
We put up good fights
for our God-given land,
we starved to death for our land

I am proud to say I am from Africa
We, the Rainbow Nation
We have different cultures, wonderful languages
and we have our differences but all of us, we are Africans
the high and mighty Africans
We are formed in different shapes and sizes
but we are united as Africans
I am proudly African