I realised that you were looking for a home.
A stable love partner.
I missed you very much earlier in the morning.

I missed your crazy smile
That displays your dimples in your cheeks.
The warmth of your voice.
The touch of your hugs.

I look forward to our meeting.
‘Cause it’s only you roaming around in my heart.
I hope it comes soon.
I wanna walk over your tender juicy lips.

Nowadays I am burning with desire to see your face.
You are my vivacious charger.
My fountain of peace.
My charm charisma.
You are the one I’d give my breath for just to see your face.

In my dreams there’s you and me.
Will you love to fall in my dreams
So that they become thrilling with your love?
Your simple smile…
Can pierce my heart with excitement.
You turned out to be a ray of sun to me.
That dispenses with bad weather away from my fragile heart.