Oh Mama Africa,
What have they done to you?
A ripe, beautiful piece of land you were.
Abundant in grass, gold, diamonds and land.

Your land, so majestic
Gave birth to mighty rulers
Kings, queens and epic legends.
Your history mighty, in the books
Not seen.

Strangers took your potency away
On one dark dreaded day
Your womb, they plundered
Produce you could no more.

Your beauty stripped naked
In an empty field, bare you lay
My children of Africa, will always say
β€œMama Africa is a queen, one day
She will rise again.
Her lush fields will be green and therein
We will continue to play.”

Oh Mama Africa,
They have stolen your adornments.
No jewellery to display.
But the richness of your heritage
They can never take away.