I saw a small house made of clay
There’s a poor family living there
They hustle everyday
The government does not even care

The younger ones are chased out of school
Because they can’t afford to pay fees
No they don’t think that God is cruel
For they still go down on their knees

They pray every day for God’s protection
That’s what they do, they pray all the time
They pray to God to lead them in the right direction
So they won’t get caught for committing the crime

Stealing food was never their aim
Daddy lost his job because he’s not professionally trained
Oh poverty you are to blame!
So far what have you gained?

Poverty you’ve ruined people’s lives
How many lives have you taken so far?
You’ve killed husbands and wives
That’s how cruel you are.

You see that small house made of clay?
There’s a poor family living there
They are suffering everyday
Oh poverty! You just aren’t fair!