We both know it, we might not understand
But we know it, most definitely.
The distance may keep us from hurt
And a broken heart but also keeps us acquainted
To the pain of being with another and not us
Yes us…it exists

We both feel it, we might not admit
But we feel it, strongly
Comfort from another may secure us
And make us feel safe.
It also keeps us open to our mental strolls on freshly mowed lawns
And spring flowers, just nature and us
Yes us… it exists

The point is…

We both say it, maybe not verbally
But we say it, with passion
Creating new memories can protect us
From continuously repeated situations and memories
Which frequently bring sadness, also keep us ready
To entertain the memories that made us
Yes us… it exists

We long for it, we might not act
But deep inside, we both long for it
Loving some other helps make believe
The efforts we made to make it the past
Yet it miraculously takes us back to us
Yes us… it exists

I love you, I really do. The point is
I need you with me. Just us
Yes us… we exist!