Poet, poetry, poet, poetic justice, poetry, poetic licence,
A piece of imaginative writing with its eccentric fighting
Keeps us all appeased with its captivating words
Been around for many generations,
Taking us through all these sensations,
Centre and circumference of all knowledge,
The true leader of all courage

Poetry, something divine, fine by definition,
It is an art that has no beginning or ending,
Extremely flawless in black and white,
With colours not too bright or drawings too thin,
Endangered beast of magical misfits
An expression of the human imagination,
With infinite levitation,
Taken by the smells of Irish coffee,
But never blown by the ancient winds of Iriland,

Ancient authority of language,
King of hype,
Love and excitement
Delight always expected,
Joy comes unexpectedly,
Poetry brings beauty and emotion
Poetry graced by naked honesty,
Striped down by the wild tempest struggle,
Dreams and imaginations never old,
Laughter and smiles never grey

From feather to pen it was written,
From scroll to computer screen it is read,
Poetry has evolved with the evolution of time,
But the true meaning has no evolution
Poetry is now,
Poetry is then,
Poetry still is,
And poetry will be,
Whoever has dares to read and understand,
Has the super power of a lifetime.