The eye is blind to the spirit, the soul is mindful of words.
Tea is not friendly to time but crime is to blossom before time.
I die in your hate, I wish to fly away when you’re not looking,
Tired I become of sulking. When did you take this
Cruel abusive turn, now grey clouds colonise my sky.
Teenage lover where did you disappear to, who holds your heart now,
How I long to bow to your romantic rule full of past sweet memories
I sit and get lost in our school years.
One who rejects repentance is one with the devil
Fun is when fairness overwhelms unjust darkness.
Letters of love why pass me by,
I too want to read honey words from a beautiful dove.
Fear is the mother of failure, pure is one who holds no judgment.
Tomorrow is more lethal than today for it holds the unknown.