Pain you taught me something new and,
Very potent. I only knew you as a common
Noun not a feeling. Pain you have darkened my
Heart like a smoker, that while the cars takes
Out the filthy smoke, they tend to inhale.

When I am all alone you threw me with very
Painful thoughts and experience, but with a
Smile of pretence I know I overcome your
Drastic approaches. It takes nine months for
A fully developed being to be born, but you
Almost a blink of an eye with collaboration
Of words and leaves a mark of a life time.

You have managed to make me look down upon
Myself, pain is the word I knew not a feeling, until
I knew you as feeling not a common noun. You have
Turned pulchritudinous into a hater, show some
Mercy we as beings kneel before you and ask for
Your mercy.