She use to preach love like it was scripted
Her honour pleaded guilty
She pointed fingers, she was guilty
I was crying it was silly, I was crying like a sissy
The love was hot, it was chilli
Dear first lover, it was fire it was lava

You put a bullet to my heart I figured
I visualise every time you pulled a gun and you triggered
Pains in my chest was never what I pictured
I was running like an allergy
I went back in time a thousand times hoping you would reconsider
It’s clear the thirst wasn’t mutual
And the timing is never usual
I looked in the mirror and saw beauty

I was chilling alone the other day I was moody
Call me when you miss me
Don’t tell me you don’t miss this
My head is a little dizzy
When I step on your toes forgive me
I know my words are supposed to be very picky
I know you very sensitive
Only in your lies I’m a resident
I drank the hurt like it was medicine
My words are evidence

Life taught me never to feel entitled
I know sometimes I’m suicidal
I put both hands on a Holy Bible
The world will reduce, reuse you and recycle
And pop you like a bubble