Gorgeous and beautiful.
A phenomenon in the making.
Then you came along
A handsome guy indeed.
All dressed up and presentable.
I fell for you then.
Little did I know who you were.

I covered up your flaws as I should.
I became your pillar of strength dutifully.
Little time was given to my happiness though.
I still cherished and adored you
You broke my heart into small pieces when you left for another woman
I nursed my injuries and healed with time.
Here I am again,
Crying my sorrows out.

I have fallen for a cheat again.
I thought he was so perfect.
I saw no wrong in him at all.
Whereas he was a smooth talker.
A stealth cheater and heartbreaker.
Here I am yet again,
Wiping tears from my face like a ritual.
He is gone with another woman.
My mind is blown,
Like the roof of an ancient hut
My heart is broken,
Like the windows of the church of wisdom.
How am I going to rebuild myself?
With time I will.
But for now I rest my case.