Oh past, oh past
My heartbreaker, my motivator
My soul provider, my spirit breaker
My broken ladder to climb from the darkness to brightness,
My enemy friend.

Oh past! You deserve an award with that colourless work of yours.
That cannot even be identified whether it’s courage or discourage.

You’re my friend, because when I’m thinking of you I see a bright future,
At the same time you’re my enemy because you’re always reminding me
about sad memories with no happiness.

You are nothing but the past,
A coward that comes and hurts then runs away.
Oh past, with your sad face that carries regrets
And that memory of yours that tears apart my heart and leaves it bleeding hope.

I know that it’s only your appearance that is misery,
Otherwise you are so cool and nice, because the power to build my future I got from you.
You’re not encouraging and you’re not discouraging but because you’re nothing but a past.