Tears I’ve seen all over her cheeks,
Faith in her eyes I’ve seen fade,
But rosy she waited, days and weeks,
Instead darkness exchanged places with days,
Laughter and joy turned into everyday tears.

Hearts got broken into smaller pieces,
We are no longer the same, is this all you ever wanted?
It’s hard to take our eyes off the door,
Still we know you aren’t coming no more,
But we keep hoping to see your shadow and hear your footsteps.

Remember the promise you made,
Remember the words you said,
Have you forgotten what you told mommy?
That you’ll be there every step of the way
What really has now altered?

Don’t you think your kids need you?
So helpless we are but still you’ve left.
So young we are but still you abandoned us,
In what way have we offended that you decided to go?
Oh Daddy NO, please do not leave me!