Paging, paging, swaying
My heart to the cardiologist!
His affection a ruby flare
Reciting an oath…
“Next time should do”
Then compiling own obituary
I’m sure death is proud as Marijuana
Grim Reaper, across the streets, waves
With tarred bloated lungs
Black missing pink
Finally craving some ink.

Life is toxic
Didn’t mention I?
I forgot February’s half on leap year
Took a sip of gear
Chronicles of Nah-nie
Then pulled that masquerade
For lemon ain’t so temperate

Ode to the cold hearted
Ruthless as Hitler,
Mein Kampf-the departed,
Numbness encores this empress
A novice’s obnoxious oasis
Intoxicated-she puffs
that long walk to freedom
Insomniac sleeping through eclipses
With no ellipsis
I prompt the Elizabethan

Shakespeare is there
Deranged-I slumber
To rent would be blunder
Because ogres with no hearts
Rather spent African chickens in huts…