Watching, as the bus moved away.
I remembered how long we have been together.
All the good times and the bad times, which laden our god-forsaken love life.
I wiped a nonexistant tear from my eyes,
I know everything cannot be the same between us again.

I’m not being a pessimist but the difference is clear,
we both had yards between us before, but now you are way out of my league.
It’s no short distance, between here and there where you are going.

I picture you, arriving in the big city, as we were told.
You, trying to adjust to the new life and at the same enjoy yourself, without me.

Right from the moment you entered the bus,
I knew the promise was in vain, because I know that you are not coming back.

To some extent, I know you, you are so flexible, so, why would I wait for a love that will never come?

But deep down in me, I knew, true love doesn’t lie. You shall return back to me but if you don’t return, let me just console myself by saying “NO LOVE LOST”