“This is by far the worst festive season ever!”

Slept at nine
Woke up normal time
No gifts
No joy
No cheer

During my childhood years
Festive period was the happiest time of the year
I saw you every day
You were with me all the way
I was so happy back then

But now all you do is work
Work and work
Throughout the season
Without any real reason
You’re your own bosses after all
I’m grateful that you provide for me
Don’t get me wrong
But please relax a bit, will you
Take a chill pill or two
It’s the holiday season after all!

Lowest point was on Christmas
Woke up to your presence
Sad at the sight of no presents
The child in me died this year

I’m not for the commercialization of Christmas, far from it
I was in love with the attached symbolism
Memories of our second early morning religion
Now nothing, naught, zero
Absolutely nothing like any other normal day

My smile decreases
Because as my age increases
I think of the unhappiness my heart will equate to
I guess I’ll have to treasure the memories
The teen will find solace in the child
Find unbridled happiness only in the mind

Merry Christmas, son.