We are no more brave,
We are now a lost nation,
Angered is the world,
Have we sinned?
That’s the question to bury us,
Have we played God?

Why do we suffer?
Life said to be peace,
Why are we not at ease?
There’s something unfinished,
Our melanin is cursed,
Death is our doormat,
Afraid is us as a country,
Where’s that life we used to live,
What happened to the world?

Is it the end of the world?
There’s an answer awaiting,
Smiles are no more,
Happiness is now a taboo,
We live to fear,
Greetings are no more,
Small talk is no more,
Life is our mute,
We are now like the grass,
We fade away,
Life is no more,
Question stays paralysed,
Our race turns to dust,
Where is “us”?

What have we done?
Are we the blessed?
Or the cursed generation?
Oh Liege of ours,
Forsake not us,
We don’t know much,
What have we done to you?

Do we deserve such punishment?
Father nature, we are your children,
Never let anything harm us,
If we repent,
Shall you forgive?
Father nature, pour your healing,
Hear our cries,
We are falling apart,
We quickly fade away,
We as your melanin we are buried,
Be quick to listen,
With you everything is possible,

Don’t let us sink,
Heal your nation,
We are your pride,
We are quickly forbidden,
Liege of ours,
We give benediction for hours,
Pour us with rain of salvation,
If we sing your hymns,
Shall we be healed?

Father nature, time is never near,
Footsteps of ours are never ploughing,
We are now bare,
If you’d hear us from above,
We bow with forgiveness,
Carry our sadness,
Purify us dear Liege,
Forgiveness is bare in your hands,
Deaf might be we,
Be not us, be like leaves,
We are your African afghan,
Don’t let us suffer,
Part of ours is in dungeon,
We wake up with death,
Cries are our rhythm of deathbed.