Never wonder why you can’t do it
but wonder why you can’t do it even
if you can push harder.

We were born with dreams that we
were meant to pursue but no you are
wrong because those dreams were born
to pursue us and that’s why in the first
place they chose us.

Many of us wish that we can fly but
because of a doubt we say no we can’t do it
but what if flying wish that it can be like us
and start walking just like the human beings
and experience the new places well ask
yourself those questions because you
Also have their answers.

A river can’t be there without the mountain
but also a mountain won’t have a purpose
to be there without producing a river so also
an author won’t have a purpose to write
without the readers.

Never ever wonder but wake up and panda
harder and so one day you can fly higher.

My two favourite animals are lion and a cat
because a lion is bigger and stronger; a cat
is smaller and faster but if you can put them
together they will be invisible so never ever
wonder because you were not born to be
follower but to be a leader.