Why am I infatuated with you?
Every time I grip on your meticulously carved body, between my fingers
I feel so alive, like I had just been reincarnated.
You give me tremendous power to express myself
In that way, I feel the reciprocation of my love.

When are you there for me?
On gloomy days when all hope is lost
Just the smell of fresh paint on your silky bristles, smells like everything’s going to be alright
When words fail, you give me the a platform to pour out my entire soul on a canvas.
Even when the sun smiles upon me.

What do you do to me?
I flow like the Northern lights and sometimes like tides in the blue sea,
You turn my unseen imaginations into mesmerising art
I ooze pride and exhilaration every time I look at the work I’ve done using you.