I wish the moon will always be full and bright
And wena sthandwa sami to be always cool and right.
Whenever you going to switch off that light
Hlale wazi ukuth kend wishes you a goodnight.
This is my wish.

I love loving because it keeps me busy
Njalo mang’bhorekile ng’vele ng’cabange wena
Then I become the funniest man in the house.
Baby you make my heart circulate blood
From my inferior vena cava to my supreme vena cava,
Angan ubuyisela inqondo yam emuva,
When I see you, I see my future.

I think I’m nearing my future,
Angan usungowaami,
Thando iwam nawe alusoze iwanyakaziswa,
But jealousy is always there
Mara please sthandwa sam
Never mind the phela king mina, queen wena,
A couple thing.

Advice kunina abanye abangathethwe,
Only love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.