My happiness comes in a form of clapping, singing and dancing.
The connection in my lineage I hold is deeper than the ocean floor.
The flaws and wrongs are completely forgot when I am in the zone.
I feel more calm and able to make more rational decisions.
It is an open end to end conversation.
Every time I feel this sensation I just know
I am bigger than yesterday and better than tomorrow.

My eyes can see behind pictures and beyond boundaries.
My roots are so firm that every branch and stem is grounded.
I follow one voice throughout and in the crowds.
Loyalty and respect has been embedded into me.
Making a difference in someone’s life has become a part of me.

I live to serve others.
I am the light that shines so bright like there is no tomorrow.
I am a descendent of superheroes and hope.
I am what I am because I chose and have more power over me.
My courage is my strength.