In ages past!
Like a rose on a concrete floor
You emerged among us to dwell
Voluntarily, joyful tears kept flowing
Because then, we all knew so well
That having you around us
We would shine like stars in a moonless night
With an expectation of an overzealous Knight
To slay and shred all adversaries of life
We thought you came to brighten our days
But then, we missed the line

Because in your path was doom that stood
We watched our once-brighter star glow gloom
Our fate, nature had consumed fully
How on earth could such an ill befall you?
The only fruit of the womb I as a mother knew
Because of you, I received and embraced them
The taunts and jeers from each of your kinsmen
For in there thought,
Becoming a paralytic
Definitely defined one’s tomorrow static

But they were so wrong
For never did we abort to carry on
And not in a moment so long
Had we witnessed you emerge and slay your demon
Indisputably, you were a lion
Because not even the wheelchair had swallowed your will
Down, the abled men, you raced with zeal
Sailing across the waters of pedagogy
Only to emerge our rock of salvation
Our purest stream of provision
Yet, the same lowly rejected stone
But then,
Are you wealthy their corner stone today?