My eyes behold up on the shining stars above
Aspiration is there to awaken my lolling mind
Walking across the river of thorny distractions

As I bask in the sun lost in thoughts of yesterdays
For a moment I think, of my dreams that I adorn
As I picture the future, the blowing sand sting my eyes

To hinder my dreams, to never have sunlight in my eyes
Like a bird soaring, my dream is to fly beyond levels
Eagles flew beforehand, keep intriguing my curiosity towards my dreams

From day to day, I keep casting my fishing line out over rivers of success
Today I taste the bitterness of salt sifted on my tongue,
So that I taste the sweetness of my dreams

My dreams, my path that I pave , there comes a reality
I can be anything and everything I want to be
I can be that sparkling jewelry that everyone adores

Gleaming like that scares commodity is my dream
So I dream beyond measures, for my success to surpass my expectations
My dreams, the path that I pave and there comes a reality.