Touching the door frame
The sounds of joy intrudes
my very ears
And fills my heavy eyes
with tears of joy

Then I receive, a very warm welcome
From the Sun’s heat
Which slightly fades
when the crowd begins to touch me.

Hugs from family or friends?
I cannot tell.
So my heart beats

Soon the rhythm of drumbeats
Out sounds the noisy crowd
Then an unexpected presence
Of silence arrives
And a whisper slips into my ear
encouraging me to pass off
a few words of thanks
to those that came
to my birthday party

My tongue begins
to push out words
As my tears run free,
though the breeze comforts me.

Then her soft hands holds mine
and her voice tells me,
that she loves me.
Though if only,
my blind eyes
would make contact once again
with her soulful ones
that l last saw
4 years ago

Then I would surely be,
Set free