Why do I love you this much?
It’s a question many people’s expectations would not match.
I really have no reason, but I know I need you every season.
You are simply an extension of me, and forever you will be.
Through my breath to you, you speak where words go mute.
You are my best friend, to me you are not just some flute.

Do I see anything in you?
Of course! Future I see in you, when melodies you sound.
Of course! Love I see in you, you spread to people all round.
Of course! Unity I see in you, in you it’s musically found.
Of course! Talent I see in you, you turn me craftily insane.
Of course! Entertainment I see in you, to me and many.

How have you changed my life?
When am in a quagmire, you give me a dream out of a nightmare.
You help me conquer my fear, you are like my shield and spear.
You never let me rest on my oars, you push me towards my goals.
My soul you lovingly caress, living in me no room for stress.
You joyfully fill my heart, you are a true definition of a non-living living art.