It’s time to let go
Let it all flow
Like the tears you caused
Everything was paused

It’s time I press play
And join the relay
I’m already behind
All because I was blind

Too blind to see what was in front of me
I chose you over me,
I’m sorry, I’ve gotta go
It’s time to keep it low

You’ve lost me
I’ve gotta be
I need to look for me
‘Cause you threw me

I loved you
I’m really sorry
I’ve waited, waited for you to come back
But nah, you chose to slack

You chose them,
Gave them all that was mine
I was supposed to be your gem
Supposed to be no. 1 turned out to be your nine

I’m sorry
I’m don’t want to worry
Tired of having sleepless nights
I’ve gotta catch flights

My peers are gone
I’ve gotta catch on
Thank you though
Even if you gave me a hard blow

Heartache is what you caused
I needed to clean myself up
I had to start all over again
I had to fix me and where were you
Having fun while I cried

Why though?
Did you ever think of me when you did all your…
I may be forgiven but not forgotten

You took me for a fool
And you thought you were cool?
I hope you’re happy with who you’ve become
‘Cause I was just your gnome

Said I was your number one
Apparently not the only one.
It hurt though
I want my bow