In my past I have wronged,
I have done unforgettable things,
I killed all the love that people had for me,
My creations were bad!

Mindless me,
I was alone,
No one saw me
I was invisible in the vast opened space where I was one.
My heart was talking to me,
That I must stop before things get out of hands.

I did not listen to my heart,
I followed my mind.

Today here I am,
I am crying.
I am hurt that people abhor me.
Lo! No one hates me,
They hate my wrong doings.

Mindless me
I thought I was clever,
Though I was a blind clever,
Like a blind man reading a novel.
I thought what I was doing was good.

I lied to my face,
Now I can distinguish right and wrong,
I am regretting.
My heart was telling me the truth.
Though spiritually I am already dead,
Can they flog a dead horse?
To all those I have done wrong,
May your hearts and spirits find a way to forgive me?
And let me live peacefully.