For My Future

I shall put in my box
the stones of the hardness that
life threw at me!
The thorn of hurtful memories
to prick all those who want to open it!
The memories of my civilian past
life to bring them back to life.
The opportunities that I craved for that I lost

I shall put in my box
all my cheerful moments to cover all the
sadness in the box!
The time of service to provide for
the one’s to be met!
Put happiness in the handles to help
me to hold onto happiness.
Put the ashes of the past because
it’s what’s left to share and be seen!

I shall put in my box
The victory of making it today.
I shall put “you’s” in my box
to stay with me because you listen
to my story and tell you along the
I shall put Africa, Jamaica and America
And even the planet in my box!

But there won’t be enough space for
everything! I will leave some behind!
Store space for some other pieces along
the way!

I shall put in my box
The road of life that I walked upon!
The shade that I seek when the
sun strikes hard!
The shelter I seek when the rain
is stormy!
The tree I hide upon when the wind blows

I shall put in my box
myself for when its heavy for
me for the box to carry me
through the tough road of life!