Once, a life so sweet showered by
Innocence but lost in bloom’s yen
When it came, it brought glowing cinders
All alone, left to turn them into blazing stars

A wild heart tamed by drains of age
The seed of pain gave birth to a sage
Who lives to manipulate grief to joy
While walking on the blades of the knives

A moment, sometimes would come
Illuminated like a swinging chandelier
Another would follow, beshadowed
Presenting snowy covers of souls
Dressed in black and, it is only time
That decides

Another year passed a new one started
And the desert journey lengthen becoming
A traveller’s mission to locate an oasis

Groans and moans, are pains from itchy
Wounds, itched by fallen tears of the sun
When burdens got heavier in their quest
Quest of tender appeal of stars and the

Hours, days and years gone evidence of
Time corrupted humility of a life so
Innocent I guess, it’s maturity.

So, kura uone mchana!