Mapule ran to hide in the bushes,
Sweating as she scrambled barefoot down the hill,
Behind a tree with desolated eyes,
A trembling force overtook her body,
Nervous as tears were silently sliding down her cheek,
Her heart beating as if calling on ancestors,
Three men followed armed and desperate,
Mapule at twenty knew not plenty,
She took a walk and found her chased,
By three men angry, scarred and brutal faced.

Modimo wa batho! (Father of people)
Let them turn and walk away?
Ka go kopa? (I am asking you),
For I have dreams, I long for peace only?
I beg, I want to live,
I cry… nthuse? (help me)

Like hungry tigers, angry, brutal and scar face
searched like prey for days,
But hunger made them search no more, they turned and walked away.
Enkosi Ntate Modimo! (thank you our great father)
I Mapule the African girl, I raised my voice.