Look at my hands,
I am holding your
Love free with my palms
Open, can you hear
The sound of your
Heart breathing,
Loving in freedom,

Your gaze holds
Mine under a spell
Giving my dreams
Wings to fly
To the depths
Of your being
Where a paradise
Lies undiscovered,
Yet you have cried
So much maybe
Somehow those tears
Have turned into waterfalls
Where rainbows bend
To drink I see myself
Riding on their backs
Marvelling at the
Vast plain of how
Humanly possible
You are without
Even making an effort,
With you I am not
In love known
But a spiritual
Journey of awakening

Women like you
Give men
Like me a chance
At rebirth
But it is amazing
How you break your
Back to carry
The whole universe
On your shoulders
And still manage to
Smile with the rising sun
And swim fearless
In the depth
Of the open
Blue sky while your
Feet are firmly
Planted on the
Ground like the
Roots of gravity.

I sit here scribbling
These words pretending
To be a love poem
But none of them
Even begin to
Paint a vivid enough
Picture of what
You really are
At your fullness
But I rest satisfied
That I have known
How it feels to be
Loved by you,
To be made new