Love is good
Love hurts
Love conquers.
Most of all…love is precious

We as people, we tend to take love the wrong way
And end up doing things that we will regret later on…

Love is such a good feeling that we need in life,
At first it can be so beautiful,
But the problem starts when trust goes in vain.
“When it rains, all birds fly for shelter,
But eagle avoids rain by flying above clouds…
Problems are common to all,
But the attitude makes the difference.
We haven’t lost everything, if we haven’t lost our hope.”

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Your lips? I kiss those.

Your body? I hug that.

My smile? You cause that.

Your heart? I want that.
Your kiss is sweeter than cherries.
Your love is more beautiful than
A bed of roses. Your touch is
Stronger than a mountain. Your
Voice is as calming as the morning
Birds singing. I am so glad you
Have chosen to spend
Your life forever with me…!