Her breath tranquilised my soul.
This glutton glass is filled.
Her smile is all over.
Half consumed by need.
Half filled with wine and love.
Blood rising to the lips.
Flooding my head with her thoughts.
She can never read…
She is filled with love tears.

I think of the moments we gently stole.
From the curious eyes of crying soul.
Finding the universe in our palms
And we stare at it unfold.
Driving the distance to escape our own.

Her thoughts and I,
Waiting for someone.
We stay awakened.
Hoping for something to numb the heart in sorrow.
Needed to tending.
With a pinch of divine and that platinum lining.

Seeing the empty seats in a car.
Is taken by her absence.
Her memories warm the gear shaft.
Without our fingers twined.
Is bare stripped of our nakedness thoughts.

When rain comes to me.
It floods my inkheart.
For a drizzle noon.
It is parked within.
Behind a sheet of rain and ink pouring out.
Our tongues were mating.
Like lost out love puppies.
We could shed love tears.