For how long will you cry
For how long will you be sober on sighs of infatuations
See neither the Sun meets the Moon nor the Stars touch the Sea

He called you his ride or die
His soulmate and you rode along like a plug in a socket
You fell for him like a dazzling light at dawn
Like lyrics in a song he metaphorically
Shuttered your WORLD with words
Even the dictionary lost in its content
My Rotarita
My Señorita
And like a beggar without choice
You were content

How hard was it to read his mind
Like a politician seeking that X beside his name
He cut through your stem just hoping you would play along
It’s a game
He fell down on one knee to the ground
Surrounded by beams of light
On a thick dark night filled with vehement protests
Of owls and cries of flying mammals

Yet you stuck to the plan love is Blind
You let him incline on the mechanical advantage
Of your simple machine
What a measure of Efficiency
Your Load your Effort and his daily vacancy
Tell me the percent of that illiteracy
How could you count the number of atoms in the Galaxy
When it’s his Army against your empty Barracks