Love is a strange feeling.
The thought of a stranger
Being able to play sweet
Melodies that make you
Dance without any control
Of your body to a song
Called love, is quite scary.

We are constantly seeking
The embrace of another,
Even though we don’t
Know each other. Love has
A unique way of bringing
Two halves of different souls
To form one, that is the
Beauty in unison.

Even though the souls are
Different, there is no
Need for comparisons.
There is somebody out
There who is holding
Your hopes, dreams and
Achievements on the left
Hand and on their right
Hand they are holding
Your fears, regrets and

And what makes love
Mysterious is that
Someone out there is
Willing to destroy both
Planets in the palm of
Your hands that you
Created to create a
Whole new planet with
You. There is somebody
Out there who is willing
To be your reflection
And be the mirror of your

Love is strange, for we
May not need it
At times, but we long
For it forever.

“When you meet someone who makes your crazy thoughts about love that exist in your mind to become a reality and convinces you that insanity is beautiful, then you are in love”- Brendon Tawanda Takarinda.