Downstream your waters flow
with every drop calming my demons.
Uphill my echoes go unfading,
as my weary soul searches, seeking for your love.
Why do I feel complete while within the grounds of your waters?

At times your waters rattle downstream,
hitting hard on rock, and bringing thrills to my heart.
At night, calmly they anguish my vicious demons.
And yet with no intentions of hurting but of exciting each one of them.
What in your waters drives me to the pastures of tranquillity?

Inhaling the scent of wet soil each time your waters
flow to dry grounds always restores my lost sanity.
I dance to the rattle of your waters,
as they sway from side to side
meandering through dry country valleys.
How do you succeed in having such control over me?

Calmly, undisturbed, so placidly your gentle waters
wash off every bit of sin in my being.
I search deep within me, tell me
why do I love you so?