With a warm welcome
I felt the love contained within the yard
With an introduction
That’s how I got to know all the others by heart
To me the place is new
A stranger to it is what gave me a clue
It started off with a picture and glue
In my head the picture grew
I may be the new kid in the field of art
But no one ever knew
From a nobody
Meeting everybody
And turning into a somebody
One who never knew
That as life goes on
Things may turn out new
But grew to tell a story in a poetic form
With words combine not using glue
But jotted and uttered to give a clue

Only for a wish to someday turn out true
Because out of nothing we all can make something
And from that strange place which to me appeared to be new
Since day one I aimed to make sense out of nonsense
I made everything out of nothing to make something
But managed to prosper using one thing
One thing which is love
I met poetry in that strange new place
And it never once felt strange after all
Because love covers all