Can we be together?
Can we enjoy each other’s company?
Is the list of these things the way they are?

Some… untold… moments!

1) Silence is sometimes the biggest way to say to a dear one that I need your attention.

2) Music in ears and legs with sport shoes doesn’t always mean a person is jogging, maybe he is running away.

3) Smoking nonstop does not mean a person is addicted, maybe he is too nervous to share himself.

4) Texting or calling someone in at midnight is not always to disturb or wish birthday, sometimes it’s just to say I’m alone and need a company that can make us feel better.

5) Closing eyes does not mean one is sleeping or taking a nap, it also means that the person is thinking of someone with peace.

6) Getting lost into a song does not always mean that the person likes it, sometimes each song has a personal memory associated.

If so, let God be the Judge of our story, for me you are a free bird. You can fly and come back if you want. And games I don’t play with feelings, life I live an unpredictable one. For all lame stories I wrote here forget them not because I understand the pain of it. You have been a lover and a fan at the same time. We could be friends but only if you are honest. I have never been perfect, just like my writing.

For our love to last we need it all. I gave up on other girls just like I am giving up on writing. I believe in our love just as I believe in my abilities. You, my love will be the one to tell me if my writing skill is good then I will write to FunDza again. For every love letter I will be sending, be honest on your feedback. For my mistake to you and fans, forgive me.