It is an affection, adoration and devotion;
A great anticipation for good deeds:
A combination of Joy, Peace and Happiness,
It is an abundant commendation.

It is indeed being misunderstood;
It is underestimated in favour of fornication and adultery.
Its main focus is lost.
It is indeed used in vain.

Latterly, it’s been characterized by materialistic things.
Fornication substituted LOVE amongst youth;
Adultery supplanted LOVE in marriages.
Where is its existence?

A true LOVE has been lost.
Fornication undervalued the fruits of LOVE.
Divorces cracked recognition and acknowledgement of LOVE in marriages.
LOVE is no more respected and dignified.

Where is its Alfa and Omega?
Where is its ‘Genesis’ yet I see its ‘Exodus’?
It’s Leviticus and Deuteronomy is no longer recognised,
Its ‘ACT’ seems no more.

You are the Law of Obedience, OR there will be Vengeance forEver.
You are limitless and unmeasurable,
You don’t exist in annoyance.
Oh! Please rise and shine, and dignify your IDENTITY.