There are days when
I just want to cry and
Scream to the world.
How do you move on after a break up?
How do you say goodbye
To someone who has died?

How do you change negative
Situations to positive?
Some days, I wish someone
Could ask me about my wellbeing.
Honestly, someone who
Sees through me.

Someone who knows me when I say,
“I am okay” and tells me that I am lying.
Some people say that life
Is short. Is it really.

When do you know that you have
Lived your life to the fullest.
Earlier on, I was watching an
Interview that featured the
Late famous car racer’s wife.
It was emotional. I also felt
The emotions
How do you move on after
Being left by a loved one?

How do you survive?
Is it possible to move on with life.
Never take love for granted.
Never undermine someone’s love.
Remind your loved ones of their
Worth in your life.
And remember to say, “I love you”

Appreciate Life.
You’re Blessed.
Till next time
With Love
Nondumiso Madela