finally we are here
finally I can speak

whilst I stab a thousand knives into my pride
kill a thousand smiles with my cries

bear with me

at this very moment
whilst I shatter all my hopes and dreams
burn each and every memory

be honest with me

let me finish so you can go
I won’t even ask “don’t let me go”
just let me be
so I can be free
to let you go

I won’t ask even ask “tell me something”
so we can find a way
but do tell me you don’t love me
so I can be on my way
in order for me to walk away
tell me to go away

some days I’ll be weak
some days I won’t care
most days I will smile without trying
most days I won’t live without crying

my breakdowns will happen involuntarily
some of them will be triggered momentarily

sometimes I will kiss you goodbye
and it will feel like it’s the last time
sometimes it will be the last time
of the most times I’ve said goodbye

mirror, healer do you hear me now?
at times when I feel nothing at all, you will feel it all
so if you don’t have the time, tell me now
I’ll be on my way oh darling self