Life isn’t what it looks like,
Or what it seems to be.
Life is unpredictable
Its events, undetectable,

Life is like a game,
A game that needs to be played correctly.
A video game! That is life!
It has levels: highs and lows.
But unlike any other game, it has a different set of events.

Life has to be respected,
Or you may not get out of it alive.
One minute you think you know the next event,
And the next minute you find out that you don’t know,
And all along you were just a fool.
You get messed up along the way, trying to play the game.
You win some, you lose some.
All you need is a little faith and a little education,
Without these, you are dead alive.

I try to out- life,
And sometimes I win battles and sometimes I lose.
It is a difficult game,
You play every day hoping to win.
All I have in mind is to win the war.

All the way, you face temptations and challenges.
And sometimes make hasty decisions,
hoping to make your choices gold and shine,
But what do you get?
Only a portion of what you want and had hoped for,
And before you know it,
It’s game over!