Are you kidding me?
Go to hell and yell “I’m home”
You used to be my home
You used to be my heaven
But you’re not even an angel

Give me back the hours that I spent on you
I spent all my energy on you
Now you’re acting like I drained all your energy,
Tell me why you made me your enemy,
You told me you’re mine to hold,
But now you’re telling somebody else the same thing,

The funny thing is you’re acting funny,
But I don’t find it funny,
Funny enough it’s not enough to stop me from needing you,

I keep reading you, your facial expressions are not expressing anything useful,
I used to tell but now you’ve got a poker face,
Your mask is not on anymore
Now I see the real you,
You’ve been hiding in plain sight, you must have been wearing camouflage,

Let me reveal this as I appeal to you,
Maybe I should just let go of you,
I mean I’m the only one grabbing on but I’m now letting go.