Watch tears go slowly and touch the ground
Let it go memories remain forever
For pain it caused, trouble it brought, happiness gained
Hold the future, wave goodbye to the past
Words agree, heart opposes for the reason present
Let It Go

Dreams are my daily bread, my feeding hope
Work done, mission in vain
Let It Go for better days to come
Prepare proper future great fortune to come
Bygones buried forever
Clock rotates for another chance to come

Tears, regrets, help no one
Experience weapon of learning
Failure motivation for more
Rejection converted into direction that is a solution,
Let It Go

It came as a shock
Push you down to ground, dust wake up!
That sound waking everyone
That heart torn into pieces
That mouth drying out
Yet again anger… gone… gone…
Let It Go

The reverse of a ram is not running away
Rejection in present is a celebration of tomorrow
Withdraw from scene with irrational ingredients
Let It Go

Passion Prove Prosperity.
Release It, Set It Free Forever.
No more tears
No more regrets
It’s a new day new start.
Change The Gears!