Just like Martin Luther King
I have a dream
To be the best lawyer the world has ever seen

Just like Nelson Mandela
I have the will, determination, and endurance
That I will make it in this life regardless the circumstances

Just like Bantu Stephen Biko
The ups and downs determine my values and goals
Therefore I will accent the hurdles and grow from it

Just like Mahatma Gandhi
I will have a love for knowledge
That will never seize

Just like Barrack Obama
I have the desire to succeed and reach my full potential

Just like Oprah Winfrey
I will acknowledge life and clean out my messy closet
I understand now that the tree of wisdom is watered by tears

Just like King David
I will conquer the giant
With great faith
For if I believe it I will achieve it
Just like J.K Rowling
I understand that life’s blows cannot break me
I will endure and watch the flower bloom

Just like Anna Freud
I look outside me for strength and confidence
But yet it comes from within
And it was always there

Just like Albert Einsten
Who was mocked and considered a slow learner
I now understand that strength is found in the differences
Not the similarities

Just like Jesus Christ
Who saved the world and made it a better place
I will follow that example
Through faith and grace

Like Maxwell Gomegzani Shaba
Believe in goals, it’s not a bad thing
Just be practical about it
And no doubt
You will make it

Proverbs 29: 18 Where there is no vision, people perish.