When I was young
I used to say
I want to own a big house
With two kids and beautiful wife
I didn’t know things would change
Because of jealousy
That led me to seclusion
And to forget
About all my wishes and passions
I lost the best things in life
Even vision
Because of commission
No smiles, not even of compassion
Nothing to do without conception

What a name – jealousy?
People burst into clamour
The glamour of days before
Is upon this name
That is immortal

How can it be original, when I’m writing my journal?
No words to explain this pain
My face is sad
My friend who was trying his best
Is now dead
but this name is still there

I’d rather be alone
So that I could not hear
From there to here

My ink is dry
Just give me a few seconds
To cry