Let us not hit, hit a panicking bottom.
Although a world has been invaded by
An atrocious virus, that coughing
And sneezing virus can tread
Barefoot in our lives hanging the dead.
Bear in mind we went through a lot;
We’d prevailed with the mercy of God,
We endured various viral contagions.

Let’s sequester ourselves from others,
Let’s practice it for the sake of safety, save
Peoples’ lives as we cherish their present.
I know it would not be easy to draw a line
Betwixt our loved ones, once we’d reinstituted
Our minor hope a cure will surely be found,
Our family will recuperate hale and hearty
If we obey we won’t knock at death’s door.

If one of us is infected we’re also infected,
The spreading of COVID-19 is on our hands,
The rapid rising falling rate of deaths, folks
Tested positive with the pandemic virus lay
On our deeds, did we mourn enough indoors?
Let’s retrieve it, it wouldn’t be good frequently;
There is an occasion of happiness, sadness,
There is an occasion when we feel pain.

It’s almost nearer, too far; far, it’s not too far,
In the split of seconds we’ll return to normal
Life too far from dead we will be calculating
Our smiles in miles and multiplying our darkest
Days by our lightened days, forgotten yesterday.
God really, really cares about His world, folks
Despite the minor sins that we have made,
We’ll subsist from such, the lockdown mode.