They met their fate through no fault of their own
There they sat in the room
playing a game of gazing fantasy
while looking across in opposite directions.
He moved to draw blood,
and she declared the rendezvous
confirmed through a human bond yet unchained.
It’s in the way they have taken each other to heart
that points to all in sundry that:

It’s in the air;
for the sails of their love boat have now been hoisted high
for the gaping heavens to pour blessings over.
It’s in the air, and the conveyed message is emphatically deepened
by their arcane affinity to similar apparel,
as if in concert to flaunt their treasured fruit of hearts.

It’s in the air; it’s in the way they are easily moved to laughter,
they throw themselves into each other’s arms.
Their small talk carries more than just words
but mutually affectionate confessions.
They freely provide lavish attention to each other
and the letter count in both their names,
makes for a perfect match.